Array Overhaul and Editor Improvements

February 05, 2019

This release changes the way the array data and front matter inputs are structured. This improves the editing experience in most cases, especially for more complex array items. We’ve added configuration to define multiple types of array items your editors can add, as well as a number of other useful improvements.


  • Improved interface for arrays in front matter and data files
  • Better previews for objects in front matter and data files
  • Auto expand an object if it is the only input in front matter and data files
  • Configuration to define the structure when adding new array items (_array_structures)
  • Ability to set Editor Links as an attribute on an element rather than just a link (data-cms-editor-link)
  • Default styles for Editor Links to match the editor (class="cms-editor-link")
  • Navigation header for projects improved
  • Embeds in the editor now support <script> tags
  • Images now supported in the Rich Text inputs for front matter and data files
  • Performance improvements when requesting site files
  • Better naming scheme (without slash suffix) for branched sites


  • Gemfiles inside node_modules folder no longer suggested when setting up a site
  • Emails now sent when adding team members to recently created organisations
  • Creating a new draft now correctly uses the posts Collection Defaults file
  • CSV files with date inputs now work correctly in the Data Editor
  • Project names no longer double escaped in header
  • Editor now correctly preserving split screen preference