Custom Path Fixes

November 12, 2018

This release fixes a number of issues, mainly focused on custom Jekyll collection and category-based post directories. Also included is a fix to prevent front matter numbers being inadvertently converted into strings.


  • Option to disable title and filename syncing
  • Improved SSL error reporting
  • Date formatting for _subtext_key values


  • Prevent front matter numbers converting to strings unless explicitly changed to a non-numerical value
  • Prevent Content Editor refreshing after save in some unnecessary cases
  • Prevent a number of SSL auto-regeneration issues
  • Filter out irrelevant publish requests showing for GitHub connected sites
  • Fixed Editor description for collaborator sharing
  • Show error message from GitHub when connecting a site with maximum number of webhooks
  • Empty File Browser styling issue
  • _date suffix front matter fields use the correct interface again
  • Prevent front matter tags and categories clashing with fields ending with _tag, _tags, _category and _categories
  • Explore view issues when sorting and blogging with custom collections_dir set
  • Screenshots fixed for sites with load animations