Explore Options and Improvements

September 19, 2018

This release overhauls the design for files and collections. A number of configuration options have been made available for how the Explore section looks and behaves. The pre-build process has been improved, and a couple of options have been added to support faster bundle install for future builds.


  • Redesigned files and collection items
  • Configuration options for personalising the Explore section
  • Better UI for editors modifying collection metadata
  • Recategorised the navigation groups for user, organisation and site settings
  • Better build process and architecture
  • Commonly used gems preinstalled to speed up builds
  • Time taken displayed in Builds list
  • Options to persist bundle install added to speed up future builds
  • CloudCannon profile images, with sensible defaults


  • Loading state when creating new files
  • Rendering performance improved when opening collections or folders with a large number of files
  • Loading states for various interfaces across the app fixed
  • Workaround for Ruby version build issues
  • Fixed an issue when using both BUNDLE_GEMFILE environment variable and github-pages gem