General Bug Fixes

April 26, 2018

This release includes fixes for various minor issues across the application, and consolidated newline behaviour inside code blocks.


  • Consolidated code block newline behaviour (Enter to create a new paragraph under code block, Shift + Enter to create a new line inside code block)


  • Issue preventing account delete when sole owner of an organisation
  • Some configurations of code blocks no longer incorrectly saved back as HTML in Markdown files
  • Paste inside code block no longer adds unwanted markup
  • Paste inside empty code block retains the correct markup
  • Backspacing into code block no longer creates unwanted markup
  • Backspacing out of code block prevented if markup would be otherwise broken
  • Images are now saved with the correct URL if editor is saved before images upload fully
  • Subscription now set correctly after re-enabling accounts in some previously wrong edge cases
  • Invoices now show correct information in some previously wrong edge cases
  • Issues with custom src sites now display the correct paths in the front matter path interfaces
  • Removing team members will no longer place them in the collaborators section
  • Sites will extensionless urls will no longer redirect infinitely in the editor