Sites List Management

April 13, 2018

This release improves the sites list interface with filtering and grouping. Additional site options have been added to manage which sites build and can be edited. Support for collections_dir has also been added.


  • Sites list filtering and storage provider grouping
  • Prevent build option for sites
  • Prevent edit option for sites
  • Support for collections_dir
  • JPEG images have rotational metadata applied when uploaded through Image Editables to match front matter image field behaviour
  • Adding the cms-keep-as-html class prevents the editor from converting HTML to Markdown when saving back to a Markdown source file


  • Markdown file saving issues for legacy static (non-Jekyll) sites
  • Explore section not accessible for some configurations with legacy static (non-Jekyll) sites
  • Correct reporting when browser fails to fetch site files
  • Jekyll output error no longer hidden if internal error is also present
  • Edit existing share dialog tabs fixed
  • Browser back action from errant settings sections no longer looping
  • Extremely large filenames no longer break the file picker
  • Build scheduling interface fixed for some problematic configurations
  • Empty italic tags with classes no longer output when saved as Markdown
  • Strong and emphasis space suffix and prefix issues fixed when saving to a Markdown source file
  • Changes to URLs are properly redirected after saving in the Visual Editor
  • Breadcrumbs in Explore section and Content Editor have been fixed and made consistent
  • Comments on offending front matter fields no longer obscured
  • Better handling of back ticks when saving back to Markdown source file
  • Code tags with inner <br> kept as HTML when saving back to Markdown source file
  • Images and titles displayed correctly in Explore and Content Editor for collection items in sites with custom source directories