Browser Filter

July 11, 2017

This release introduces a text filter/search input wherever you or your clients select a file. The various interfaces for selecting a file or page has been consolidated and made consistent. A large number of fixes have also been made.


  • Browser text filter
  • Consolidated file browser views for Explore, Page Selector, File Browser and file/page pickers


  • Team members with the Developer role can now correctly control site authentication
  • Prevent edge case where file permissions are being changed on save
  • Fixed some combinations of 301 redirects being ignored
  • Corrected pricing for additional team members reported in some interfaces
  • Renaming a newly created folder no longer causes a copy to remain
  • Fixed issue preventing ability to delete site if GitHub syncing given bad credentials
  • Fixed escaped slash characters not being preserved between editors
  • Title from Jekyll defaults no longer applied to data files in the UI