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Maintenance and Fixes

June 20, 2017

This release includes upgrades and fixes to our infrastructure, backend systems and interface. Most notably, greatly increased performance when saving files and building sites.


  • Team page in Personal Settings
  • Vastly increased performance when saving, syncing and building.
  • Improved and upgraded interaction with Dropbox
  • Increased Testing Domain combinations
  • Preinstalled new Jekyll and nokogiri versions
  • Updated new default Jekyll version used when left unspecified


  • Fix issue preventing site delete
  • Routing issue causing endless loading in some cases
  • “Invalid Date” display issue in Safari
  • Routing issue causing unintentional UI flicker
  • Corrected invoice display order for long standing users
  • Fixed UI errors when front matter “title” is not a string
  • Fixed GitHub merge UI
  • Fixed sync error not showing if no provider connected to a site
  • Fixed default subsection in Status section
  • Pages inside node_modules folder no longer shown in Explore section
  • No longer sending erroneous failed payment emails at end of trial in some configurations