Syncer Overhaul and Improved Filename Support

October 18, 2016

This release improves file syncing, bringing increased reliability and error reporting. Extensionless and mixed case filenames are now fully supported. A number of smaller fixes and features are also included.


  • Improved speed and reliability when syncing between all providers
  • Syncing errors now displayed in site Status section
  • Extensionless filename support
  • Mixed case filename support
  • Support renaming Dropbox connected sites
  • Visual Editor now consistent with CloudCannon hosting URL rules


  • Unique storage provider locked to a single site
  • Consolidate initial sync direction across all storage providers
  • Prevent filenames exceeding maximum length
  • Prevent non-ASCII characters being stripped from filenames in the editor
  • Fix font preview interface
  • Fix populating multiselect from collection items in nested subfolders
  • Fix nested paragraphs within list items when saving Markdown files in the Content Editor