File server optimisations and post publish improvements

July 11, 2016

This release contains SEO improvements for the file server and a better publish workflow.


  • Improved publish for draft posts. When a date is specified in the front matter, CloudCannon uses that for the published filename. When the date field is empty, CloudCannon populates it with today’s date and uses that in the filename. If there is no date field, CloudCannon uses today’s date in the filename.
  • YAML/CSV now only copies the structure from previous entry when creating a new array item rather than the values as well
  • Text-based files are served with a utf-8 character encoding
  • URLs ending with */index.html redirect to */


  • Better preloading on route changes after uploading large lists of files
  • @import in CSS files no longer prevents compression if the imports are external URLs
  • Context menu missing for folders in File Browser
  • Fixed error messages on File Browser load
  • Protected GitHub branches now disconnect if a push fails
  • Code tags no longer escape HTML characters when saving to Markdown
  • Fixed issue preventing optimisations in some cases