Plugins Beta

May 10, 2016

This release marks our first official support for custom plugins. Get in touch if you want to be part of the beta. Read on for the full list of features and bug fixes included.


  • Private beta for Jekyll plugin support
  • Update filename for blog posts when the title and date are changed in the Settings Panel
  • Prettify index.html in editor breadcrumbs
  • Code editing for .coffee, .scss, .sass, .rb and .json in Source Editor greatly improved
  • Output path shown in Explore / Pages section
  • Improved UI for JSON and YAML files with array as only child
  • YAML/JSON editor uses prettified filename if no title exists


  • Prevent items in Explore to be moved above their base path
  • Fixed comments added by keyboard shortcut in Source Editor for .scss files
  • Fixed issue when navigating to a page displayed scrolled down
  • Prevent naming issues with non-documented, Jekyll-supported named posts