SSL Private Beta and General Improvements

April 01, 2016

This release announces the start of our SSL private beta, new file types, better pasting from Microsoft Word, a new collection configure interface and general improvements/fixes. Contact support to join the SSL private beta.


  • Custom SSL support released
  • Better Microsoft Word pasting
  • Configuring collection metadata is now edited in a sidebar consistent with the editor views
  • Added webp and cur file types
  • Added support for empty arrays in front matter (defaults to string entries)
  • Improved documentation


  • Explore section visible when Collection Defaults are the only entries
  • Empty strong, em and u tags removed from Markdown output on save
  • DNS configuration preventing invalid spacing
  • Fixed issues with windows line endings
  • Entities not escaped when displaying breadcrumb in editor
  • Spacing around images in Markdown editor adjusted to represent position relative to text
  • Dragging an image onto an image editable region no longer errors
  • Potential memory leaks fixed
  • Empty strings or nulls in the front matter now result in no value in YAML
  • Issues with pages without front matter fixed
  • Multiselect input fixes, including object support, and spacing
  • Safari style on DNS settings