Colour Picker

February 11, 2016

This release adds a colour picker to the range of interfaces for Jekyll front matter and YAML.

![CloudCannon front matter interface including new colour picker{: srcset=”/images/editing/front-matter/overview.png 800w, /images/editing/front-matter/overview@2x.png 1600w”}{: .screenshot}


  • Check for changes call on Status page for Dropbox connected sites.
  • Colour picker added to front matter interfaces.
  • Improved performance when syncing from storage provider webhooks.
  • Switch to Bitbucket webhooks from Bitbucket services (deprecated).
  • Branch connected shown on storager provider settings for GitHub and Bitbucket sites.


  • Fixed error appearing the first time image button was activated in the content editor.
  • Fixed an issue where site icons were not displayed correctly on the base domain section.
  • Fixed an issue when HTML was escaped in Liquid highlight tags.