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What is a static site?

A static site is a website made of static files, unlike a traditional CMS which generates pages on-the-fly.

A static site generator such as Jekyll enables you to build purely static sites using many of your favourite features from a traditional CMS, such as templating, includes and content abstraction.

Why choose a static website?

You want a simpler way

Static sites remove complexity from traditional backends. There’s no database, backend languages or complex infrastructure to manage. Static sites are faster to build and require less technical knowledge and upkeep.

You want your site to load quickly

A fast site makes visitors more likely to stick around. With static sites, there’s no database queries or on-the-fly generation. The server just needs to send a static file, which is extremely fast compared to a traditional CMS. You can also use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure the website loads quickly for customers around the globe.

You value security

If you’re using a traditional CMS, you’re a target. All it takes is one outdated plugin or unknown security hole and your site is compromised. Static sites leave very little for hackers to exploit.

You want extreme scalability

Scaling a traditional CMS can be tricky. You need to scale up servers when there’s a spike in traffic, then scale down afterwards to reduce costs. For static sites, a single server can handle tens of thousands of concurrent requests. Hosting services for static sites such as Amazon S3 and CloudCannon Hosting will scale to your needs without you having to lift a finger.

You want a system you can depend on

A traditional CMS has many points of failure. Your database could go down or your carousel plugin may not work with the latest version of the CMS. A static site avoids these problems altogether, as the server simply serves files.

You want something forgiving

A version control system is an indispensable tool for developers working on software project. It serves as a backup for source code, mistakes can be rolled back, and it allows a team to collaborate without stomping on each other's toes. Static sites are a collection of files that are managed easily with version control.

What is CloudCannon?

CloudCannon is a platform to help your team build and manage Jekyll websites. Editors update content on an easy-to-use UI, without needing any technical knowledge of Jekyll or Git. Developers work locally using their favourite tools and keep in sync using Git.

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