The humans behind the cloud

Sometimes it can be hard to tell human from machine. Get to know the real faces behind CloudCannon, and the values that drive us.

The values we live by


We strive to be good hosts, to warmly welcome our customers, and to show what our culture is all about. We strongly believe that the best way to grow is to help and support each other, and be kind in the process.

Good things take time

We take time to do things well, not just using the first available solution. We aim to be mindful of our actions, and to be efficient with our resources, so we can make the best impact on every one of our projects.

No fluff

We embrace the phrase “less is more” to help us navigate rapid changes in the industry. To realize this goal, we take a step back, to question our work from afar. Simple, modular solutions and collaboration help us to remain fluid and effective, ready to deal with change head-on.

Wear the customer’s jandals

Designing something to our own ideas - without involving the customer - is a disaster waiting to happen. That’s why we value listening, and imagining walking a mile in the customer’s jandals: We want to understand how to reach the destination as a team, and not tripping up because of a poor fit.

Be a Kea

Inquisitive and highly capable problem solvers, the kea - our spirit animal - soars and attracts attention. We want to be like this majestic parrot by thinking differently and working well together, being both fast and agile. Don’t worry, we won’t destroy your windshield wipers, we are not that kind of kea.

Meet the Cannoneers

Aleksandr Gordeev
Alex Nelson
UX/UI Designer
Amber Song
Christopher Wingate
Dave Strydom
UX/UI Designer
Farrel Burns
Developer Evangelist
George Phillips
CTO & Co-Founder
Jonatah Benatti
Jordan Trbuhovic
Liam Bigelow
Mel O Sauras
Mike Neumegen
CEO & Co-Founder
Nathan Kennedy
Robbie Cook
Ross Phillips
Ryan Collins
Sam Hewitt
Support Engineer
Tate Kennington
Victoria Roberts
UX/UI Designer
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