Everyone is a content contributor

Whether it's content writing, translating, proofreading, or just fixing a spelling mistake, everyone has value to add. CloudCannon builds tools that empower developers and content editors to collaborate.

Git at the core

Git gives complete accountability, for every code change. It stores what has been changed, when, and by whom. Git also has workflows and processes which allow thousands of developers to collaborate on a single code base. CloudCannon brings all the benefits of Git workflows to content editors.

Diagram showing two developers interacting with Git providers, and a copywriter and digital marketer directly interacting with CloudCannon

Jamstack power

Jamstack sites are faster, more secure, easier to scale, and simpler than a dynamic CMS like Wordpress. Generators such as Jekyll, Gatsby, and Hugo are the perfect middle ground, giving you all the benefits of a static site while enabling much of the complexity a dynamic system offers.

Person spinning a globe on their finger, with Earth in background

All in one

You often need multiple services to host and manage content on Jamstack sites. CloudCannon is an all-in-one solution for Jamstack, offering everything you need from global CDN hosting and automated build pipeline to content management and internationalization.

Person transfering a plant into a small vegetable garden

Helping companies of all sizes

From freelancers to enterprise, people around the world use CloudCannon to build, update, and host their marketing sites. We keep things simple, so that you and your team can move fast without breaking things, and there are plenty of options to suit your individual needs.

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