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Tate, Developer

Tate Kennington, Developer

Tate joined CloudCannon as a development intern in November 2019. As an honours computer science student from the University of Otago, his great interest in tech and development made a CloudCannon internship a perfect choice for him to thrive in.

Meet Tate

Tate is a recent honours graduate in computer science from the University of Otago. In his time in university Tate looked into training artificial intelligence (AI) to play boardgames; getting specific board game configurations and seeing which ones worked out and which didn’t. Being a person who is interested in technology and computer science, interning at a tech company seemed like the natural progression. 

During his time in university he developed personal projects out of interest and participated in computer-science-related events, notably the Global Game Jam competition. 

Initially Tate found out about CloudCannon while scrolling through the catalogue of tech company profiles in the JobDUN database. After some research into potential internship companies he thought “CloudCannon was the easy winner” amongst others, finding the work culture to be the most appealing aspect. When talking about the first time he came into the office for an interview, Tate recalls: “Everyone was working so I sat down and went on my phone. This was back when the TV was in the office and I saw the cursor queue LoFi and thought I’d found my people.” 

Once Tate got started on his first day at CloudCannon, he noted that “at this point, the music playing system certainly evolved”. Importantly, he also felt that “everyone was super welcoming and helpful. And great office bants. The bants were just really the most prominent early memories in my mind”. 

For his internship project Tate got the opportunity to work on the Mock Up Tool (MUT), which is a part of CloudCannon’s work for Netflix. Going back to his first project, Tate says: “I was working on MUT doing the video previewing which was definitely interesting. It was one of the largest and most anticipated features of MUT at the time.” During his time as an intern he found “the office environment is great, everyone is super funny and helpful… everyone has a lot of agency in doing their work”. “In any other company there is no way a junior developer gets to do half the things I got to do”, he says. 

When asked about his favourite part of his internship, Tate struggled to pinpoint one specific aspect, saying: “It’s really hard to put a finger on a single favourite thing. In every way, CloudCannon is so different from any other office job… it’s really fun and liberating.”  

On his three-month journey as a development intern at CloudCannon, he says he has learnt a lot on a technical level, remarking that he “really learnt HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React on a far deeper level”, as well as enjoying “working on software as far as the infrastructure and processes”. 

Tate’s advice for future interns would be: “It’s really just, be yourself. Everyone is here to help and really see you do your best, so don’t want to be too afraid.” He encourages people that “if you want to do something just put up your hand and say you wanna do it and get stuck in”.

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