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Ryan, Developer

Ryan Collins, Developer

Ryan joined CloudCannon in 2018 as our first development intern. His journey taught him a huge amount through real-world applications, and shows that not all paths to becoming a web developer are straightforward.

Meet Ryan 

The OG intern. Not knowing what to do straight out of high school, Ryan decided to study philosophy and linguistics out of interest. After graduating from his degree, he took some time to figure out what he wanted to do while working in a kitchen. He says: “I kind of taught myself how to program during my degree just for fun and turned out I really enjoyed it. I decided to go back to uni to study computer science for a year.” Ryan had recently finished off his DipGrad in computer science when he applied for a CloudCannon internship. He recalls how it all began: “ I had heard about it [the internship] from Liam through my brother and how it was a really cool place to work. So I sent in the application, met the team one day and they seemed really nice and it just happened from there. Pretty casual process at that time, a much smaller team .” 

His first impression of being in the office was being impressed seeing how, at that time, 5 people ran CloudCannon. He says: “It was really cool to see the ways these people solve these problems.” For his internship, Ryan recalls how his work progressed: “Initially I did mostly support stuff, I did a lot of testing CloudCannon features. My first project was to make a tool that generated screenshots for the documentation. It was good, it was self-directed and an isolated project that I could work on myself that didn’t touch the stuff that other people weren’t working on. It was good because it allowed me to experiment without getting in the way of anyone. It was perfect…  Support was a good way because people would ask questions about how to do stuff so I learnt how to do that thing to help them.”

Ryan’s great takeaway during his time as an intern was: “I really enjoyed it, everyone is really funny. Greatly enjoyed Ross yelling about stuff and occasionally getting up riding bike laps around the office. Still less chaotic than what it is now. It was nice. Everyone was super helpful, Ross would drop what they were doing to answer my questions or dig into a support ticket that needed attention.” Overall, his favourite part of the internship was “having that opportunity to learn all this stuff and the fact that the first part of the internship was going through tutorials and making sure I knew all this base knowledge”.

On what he learnt during his internship, Ryan says: “I think basically everything I know about web development, I’ve learned starting at CloudCannon, almost entirely without exception. Yeah, during the internship I brushed up on my CSS a lot, which I had been quite shaky on before but became a lot less afraid of. I did some good JavaScript stuff as well.”

Finally, asked if he had any advice for future interns, he remarks: “I think just don’t be afraid to ask questions at any point, everyone’s helpful, they don’t mind. A  lot of people don’t want to bother asking questions, but generally people are super happy to help with that. It can really save you a lot of time and get you a lot of places.”

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