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Haowei, UX/UI Designer & Marketer

Haowei Yu, UX/UI Designer & Marketer

Haowei joined CloudCannon in November 2019 as a designer & marketing intern. After finishing a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and marketing from the University of Otago, she was thrilled to get to work on diverse projects and loved the company culture.

Meet Haowei.

Haowei recently graduated from the University of Otago with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and marketing. She is a proud plant mom and an art lover. During her time in university she says: “I was a bit all over the place. I did design and painting throughout high school and decided to study psychology and marketing in university just because it sounded interesting. I continued my more artsy side through volunteering and being involved in different clubs.” 

She initially found CloudCannon through JobDUN, saying: “I applied during my last year of university and just freaking out about what I’m going to do after I finish uni. Luckily I found this internship program through JobDUN that partners with local businesses. Prior to this I’ve never heard of CloudCannon, so naturally I dug around online and I was genuinely so surprised to see such a treasure of a company in Dunedin. So I was like, I have to jump into this super duper cool opportunity.” 

When she initially visited the CloudCannon office for her interview she recalled “the first thing that grabbed attention was they were playing LoFi hiphop beats on the office speaker and immediately I was like I love this place so much”. She says “the people seemed really friendly and super nice. Yeah, it just seemed like a really cool environment”. 

On her first day interning at CloudCannon, Haowei recalls: “I was honestly so nervous. I think just because it was like my first full-time professional job but I was also super duper excited to get started”. She follows that “it was really cool because we all got our own desk spaces that we could decorate and we got to unbox our Macbooks. It felt a bit like christmas”. 

During her internship she worked on the Netflix project at the time, saying: “I was super excited. I got to sit in on meetings which was really cool”. She also began working on another project, which was case studies for the CloudCannon marketing site. She remembers: “I also got to work on the case study project where I interviewed our customers and researched and planned the interview question and process”. As a member of the CloudCannon team, Haowei found her time there really fun, saying: “I love the company culture at CloudCannon. There is no, I guess that daunting superiority complex here, all the employees are treated as equals and everyone’s opinions matter. All the interns got to work on actual projects so that was awesome. I was really excited going into work everyday, we had a lot of fun in the office.” On the social aspect, she also mentions: “There is also this lunch spot I was introduced to, so during lunch we would all go and grab our reusable lunch containers from the office and grab food from there.”

When thinking about her favourite part of the internship, she says: “Ooh, that is a really difficult question to answer just because every aspect was so great. The work that we do, the people, the culture, yeah I can’t pick anything. Actually, the music. Great office music. There is a Raspberry Pi set up so everyone can queue music through Slack so that was fun.”

Recalling the things she learnt during her time as an intern, she says: “So many things. I honestly cannot believe how much I’ve learnt during these few months. Looking back at where I started and where I am now is… I don’t have words. I’ve definitely gotten better at design. Also just getting better at communicating in meetings.” 

Her advice for future interns is to “really take your time to learn, don’t be afraid to ask questions. No-one’s going to get mad at you for not knowing everything”. She adds: “Just don’t beat yourself up for not knowing stuff, it’s not that big of a deal. As long as you are interested in learning new things you’re going to see your skills improve really fast.”

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