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Host your websites on one of the fastest global CDN’s and deliver your content at light speed without setting up a single server.

The fastest Jamstack hosting

Build the fastest sites in the world without setting up a single server. Serve customers from a global network spanning over 200 cities.

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Your new Jamstack hosting toolkit

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Require authentication for content you don’t want to be publicly accessible.

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Managed DNS

Manage enterprise-grade DNS through a simple UI. Easily stay online, secure, and performant.

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Easy redirects

Add your redirects to a simple text file. No server configuration necessary.

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Analytics (private beta)

Highly accurate website analytics without any impact on your site performance.

Automatic SSL

Protect your customers with free, automatic SSL certificates so their connection is always secure and encrypted.

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Backendless form submissions

Collect form data from customers with nothing more than HTML and CSS. Send it to an email address or automate your workflow with Zapier.

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Set it up and forget it

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Instant cache invalidation

Forget about stale content. CloudCannon instantly invalidates CDN cache with every publish.

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Geolocation enabled

Personalize your website experience by changing content based on the viewer’s country.

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Develop sites separately, mount on the same domain later. For example, merge a standalone blog into /blog/.

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Testing domains

Test live, without prior domain setup. All sites receive a unique domain name for your immediate use.

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