Fast, scalable, secure hosting for your static site

Treat your customers with a website that loads in an instant, no matter where they are in the world.

Fast loading

CloudCannon is built from the ground up to be one of the fastest hosting platforms in the world. Fast websites keep customers engaged, provide a nicer experience and give you better SEO.

Global Network

Ensure your site loads quickly from anywhere in the world. CloudCannon is partnered with CloudFlare to serve your site through a network of 165 data centres around the world.

Automated HTTPS

Give your customers peace of mind knowing your site is served over HTTPS. There's nothing to set up, just point your domain at CloudCannon and you're secure. There's no annual headache of buying a certificate and tweaking config files.

DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks threaten to reduce performance or take down your site entirely. With DDoS protection, your site stays online even with the most sophisticated attacks.

Scales to your needs

Whether you're planning a Super Bowl ad or experiencing huge traffic loads, CloudCannon scales to handle your traffic.

Hosting you can rely on

Don't lose sleep over downtime. CloudCannon hosting remains online and fast even under the largest traffic loads.

Easy form submissions

Handle forms on your site with pure HTML, no backend required. Email the submitted data or output it to another service using Zapier.

More Hosting Features


Redirect your old URIs to make sure visitors and search engines can find the content they’re looking for.


Add a password or SAML authentication to your entire site, or just a section, to keep it private from public viewing.

Cache Invalidation

Your site will always show your latest content, with no need to worry about cache headers and expiry times.

DNS Management

Automatically set up your DNS and manage records right in CloudCannon.

Custom 404 Page

Create a helpful 404 page for visitors who are lost on your website.

Custom Interfaces

Create your own custom branded layout for password protection or client sharing.

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