Your Jekyll build fully automated

Take complete control over how your Jekyll site builds.

Your Jekyll environment in the cloud

Replicate your local environment in the cloud. On every commit, CloudCannon installs your Gemfile, builds your site, updates the editor interface and pushes it live.

A build to match your requirements

Extend Jekyll's capabilities by installing plugins or writing your own. CloudCannon runs your build in a sandboxed environment, so you’re safe to run your own code.

Automatic asset compression

Squeeze every ounce of performance out of your site without having to lift a finger. CloudCannon automatically minifies your CSS and JavaScript to make sure your site loads faster for visitors.

Customise your build for different environments

Use environment variables to modify values on your site in different environments. You might serve assets locally on your staging environment, but from a CDN on production.


Do you have content that needs to go live at 2am? Get a good night sleep by using scheduling to publish content at a future point in time.

Multiple sites made easy

Share your layout, CSS, JavaScript and other assets across multiple sites to ensure they’re consistent and easy to maintain. Managing multiple sites with a similar layout is a breeze with Jekyll themes.

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