We have exciting updates for CloudCannon including new pricing, new UI and brand new features.


We’ve learned a lot about how people are using CloudCannon. We want to simplify the workflow and make it easier to add sites to CloudCannon.

The new plans have unlimited websites, white labelling for agencies and advanced features for enterprises.

CloudCannon now charges per user instead of per website. For example, say you’re a design agency with three people on the team looking to use CloudCannon. You’d select your desired pricing tier, then share your site to the rest of your team. You account is charged for each new user you’ve shared with. You can then create more sites and share them with your team at no extra charge. Client Sharing does not count as a user so you can share to a client at no extra cost.

If you’re on an existing pricing plan you have the option to upgrade to our new pricing at any time in Account Settings.

New Agency Features

New Enterprise Features

New UI

You’ll also notice a brand new UI in CloudCannon. We constantly strive to make CloudCannon even easier for everyone to use. This latest iteration fixes many of the usability issues we’ve seen crop up.

Front Matter UI

Our Jekyll support has come a long way since launching the beta a few months ago. We recently added the ability to have complete control over the UI displayed when editing front matter. Now you can have date fields, check boxes, select boxes and more. Checkout the docs for the full range of possibilities.

Change Log

We’ve introduced a product change log to keep you up to date with all changes in our day-to-day deployments. If you want to keep up to date follow the change log RSS feed.

If you have any questions about the new pricing and features, get in touch with our support team.