Today we’re bringing a new level of simplicity to managing Jekyll websites with the CloudCannon add-on for Bitbucket Connect.


At the press of a button, Bitbucket users can turn a repository with a Jekyll site into a live website with a beautiful content management system.

The workflow is completely seamless. All changes between CloudCannon and Bitbucket are kept in sync so you can always pull a production copy of the site to your local machine.

Now your development and marketing teams can collaborate and work together in ways that have never been possible.

How do you install it?

Login to Bitbucket and go to Find new add-ons. Click Install next to CloudCannon.

List Add-ons

Go to your Jekyll site repository in Bitbucket. There’s now a CloudCannon button on the sidebar.

Jekyll Repo

Create a site in CloudCannon

Create Site

CloudCannon syncs all your files from BitBucket.

File Browser

Open up an .html file, go to the Code Editor and add class="editable" to elements you want to be updated.

Code Editor

Save that. Now when you go the Visual Editor those elements will have yellow boxes around them indicating they can be edited.

Visual Editor

CloudCannon also makes editing Front Matter simple for non-technical users:

Front Matter

And also Blogs, Collections and Data Files:


We can’t wait to see how you use it. If you’re interested in learning more about Jekyll and CloudCannon, check out for a Get Started Guide.