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Jekyll tutorial

Duration: 2 hours
Expertise level: Beginner

Jekyll is a popular Ruby based static site generator. It’s easy to pick up so it’s a great choice if this is your first static site generator. In this tutorial we’ll go over the fundamentals of Jekyll to help you build your first Jekyll site.

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Installing Jekyll

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Install Jekyll - a simple, blog aware static site generator Ruby Gem.

Getting started with Jekyll

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Set the ground work for the rest of the series by setting up a Jekyll site and going over some of the conventions. 

Introduction to Liquid

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Learn the basic Liquid templating concepts and see how you can use Liquid on your site.

Introduction to Jekyll front matter & YAML

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Front matter and YAML are like bread and butter in Jekyll. Learn these concepts and their relationship with Liquid.


Introduction to Jekyll layouts

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Layouts help you set up and reuse the main structure of your Jekyll site. 

Introduction to Jekyll includes

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Learn how Jekyll includes allow you to break down your pages into smaller “components”. 

Introduction to blogging in Jekyll

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Blogging is built right into Jekyll, so it’s easy to use and setup.

Introduction to collections in Jekyll

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Collections in Jekyll are quite similar to blog posts but have a slightly different use case. Let’s explore in this lesson.

Introduction to Jekyll data files

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Learn how you can use data files as a great way to manage configuration data or import an existing data set to Jekyll. 

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