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  • General Fixes

    30 Oct 2019

    This release fixes various UI and security issues.


    • Password and SAML Authentication is copied when branching a new site
    • Bitbucket merge flow improved


    • Inbox section now loads correctly
    • Handled potential 500 error from Bitbucket when comparing commits
    • DNS record view updates correctly when migrating from legacy DNS
    • Edge case Dropbox syncing issue resolved
    • Webhook now added correctly to branched sites
    • Preferred editor now selected correctly for pages with published: false
    • No longer unnecessarily prompt for a title for collections with title and _hide_content: true
    • Strip metadata from profile images on upload
    • Remove a potential XSS vector
    • Add rel="noopener noreferrer" to external links
    • Unsubscribing from email no longer incorrectly unsubscribes from password reset emails
    • Remove potential click jacking vector
    • Remove potential CSRF vector
    • Reduce information sent to analytics
  • Our Cloudflare integration has moved out of beta and is now enabled for everyone. All sites are now served by default through Cloudflare’s Anycast network spanning 194 cities in more than 90 countries.

    Thank you to all of the people who have helped us test this feature. Your feedback has extremely helpful.


    • Removed Cloudflare beta in site settings
    • Improved domain setup instructions to cater to a wider range of hosting options
    • Clone post now clones as a draft
    • Added the ability to tab through table cells within the content editor


    • Improved pasting support from Google Docs
    • Fixed array ‘add’ button styles
  • This release improves the interface when adding array items in the content editor and front matter editor. You can now create bearer tokens to use in conjunction with site authentication.


    • Bearer tokens
    • Better adding-to-array UI


    • Build charts now load correctly
    • Handle mixed case filename extension clashes when uploading new images
    • Clear cache on unused routes when i18n toggled
    • Current password confirmation when performing critical account actions
    • Sync provider side filename-only changes consistently
    • Fix error reporting for Liquid inside editable tags
  • Syncing fixes

    08 Oct 2019

    This release improves handling of certain source syncing cases.


    • More options for sorting the site list


    • Error when connecting a GitHub branch with an integer as a name.
    • Better error reporting for merge conflicts.
  • General Fixes

    04 Oct 2019

    This release resolves a number of issues.


    • Issues when using existing images in the Visual Editor with a custom source directory
    • Issue where the editor was unable to infer the singular form of some collection names
    • .sh files can now be renamed in the Files view
    • The current date is now added to new HTML collection items created in Explore if they have a field called ‘date’, to prevent build errors.
    • Issue where GitLab badge would be displayed twice on Organisations
    • Issue where front matter defaults were sometimes overwritten on creating a new item
  • Visual editor fixes

    15 Sep 2019

    This release patches a few issues.


    • Error when adding an embed to the visual editor
    • Error when uploading in Client Sharing
    • Better errors for conflicts on publishing
  • General Fixes

    04 Sep 2019

    This release solves a number of issues across the product.


    • Image upload not working in editor link modal
    • Editor links on <a> tags still follow the href
    • Invalid markdown produced with captioned tables in the markdown editor
    • Errors when trying to delete a site, or remove a domain from a site
    • A collections_dir and custom src dir makes select fields return an invalid string
    • Explore filter breaks in some cases
    • Select/multiselect inputs don’t use _singular_name for collection key
    • Removed “open link” on link popout in non-visual editor views
    • Incorrect dirty state prompt after publishing a post
    • Can’t add files to an empty site
    • Images won’t load in browser when opened from front matter image inputs
    • ‘Add Source’ button in Site Status menu does nothing
    • Design Tweak: Context menu should be slightly visible when not hovered
    • Fixed publish HTML draft flow
    • Creating an HTML collection item or post hangs forever
    • Site CSS can sometimes mess with the styling for Visual Editor controls
  • SSL and Cache Fixes

    30 Aug 2019

    This release contains multiple hot fixes for SSL and caching.


    • Redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS not working in some cases
    • Country code not included in edge cache
    • Pages require a hard refresh to get latest content
  • Visual Editing Updates

    29 Aug 2019

    This release fixes XSS issues visual editing and fixes with the status dropdown.


    • Better XSS security in visual editor
    • Safari visual editor loads styles better
    • Reduced 503 errors on hosting
    • Status dropdown view updating and output working
  • Combatting Spam

    20 Aug 2019

    This release combats spam emails sent through contact forms on your sites hosted on CloudCannon. The form data section has been improved and moved to a new section in the sidebar called “Inbox”.


    • Improved spam detection and prevention
    • Inbox section to manage form submission data and mark/unmark spam


    • Session cookie expiry issue resolved