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  • General bug fixes

    19 Nov 2020

    This release fixes a variety of issues reported through support.


    • DNS records displayed are no longer limited to 20
    • Adding invalid domain returns the correct error on failure
    • Email not displaying on the sign up confirm page
    • Query strings getting stripped on 404 redirects
    • Site “Update DNS” button goes to the wrong url
    • Reduced network load on URL previews in front matter editors
  • Datetime Hot Fix

    13 Nov 2020

    This release fixes variety of issues for collections and blogs relating to Datetime issues.


    • Datetime inputs no longer error on save
  • Reliability improvements

    12 Nov 2020

    This release aims to improve the reliability of hosting along with general bug fixes.


    • Officially dropped CSS support for IE11 browsers
    • Reliability improvements on hosting


    • Fixed error handling on publish workflow
    • Fixed issue with the compiler breaking with no specific error
    • Fixed issue saving new files on source editor adding front-matter dashes
    • Fixed issues loading visual editor when using custom editor styles
    • Fixed issue loading visual editor for pages with embeds
  • Client Sharing fix

    03 Nov 2020

    This release fixes the client sharing for a small number of clients.


    • externalSupportUrl is not defined error on Client Editor load
  • Stability improvements

    02 Nov 2020

    This release contains a major rewrite of our code to bring more modern development workflows, increased stability and more error handling. We have officially dropped support for IE11 and any browser that does not support modern JavaScript. Unsupported browsers will be prompted on load to upgrade. This is part of a major push to increase stability and reliability of our more complex interactions.


    • Error handling on load if dependencies didn’t load
    • Error handling on load for old browsers
    • Error handling on load for no JavaScript
    • More firewall rules for hosting security


    • Fully linted code following company wide eslint rules
    • More testing
    • Can’t open array structure object after editing with an editor link
    • Error when trying to add a DNS record
    • Can’t set a custom TTL to DNS records
    • Higher limit on recursive array structures
  • General bug fixes

    21 Oct 2020

    This release aims to provide general bug fixes.


    • Fixed JSON Request Validations to the back-end.
    • Fixed response from DNS requests.
    • Better handle Bitbucket refresh token.
    • Fixed erroneous message about failing to communicate with the back-end server.
  • Domain Add Hotfix

    13 Oct 2020

    This small release fixes an error when adding a domain to a site.


    • Fixed the domain add form erroring on add
    • Fixed some rare cases where actions could fail after being logged in for an extended period
  • Refresh Message Hotfix

    09 Oct 2020

    This small release fixes an error showing a message to refresh in cases where you may not have to.


    • Fixed refresh message appearing unnecessarily
    • Fixed a check for non-text values in _comments
  • YAML Hotfix

    07 Oct 2020

    This small release fixes an error preventing adding new array items in the front matter and YAML editor in some configurations.


    • Fixed adding new array items in YAML in some configurations
    • Fixed some validation error messages not appearing next to form inputs on save
    • Moved split screen toggle to not obscure YAML in some cases
    • Fixed a potential issue causing the editor to remain on the “Finalising Changes” step
  • This release enables multiple config files for builds, access to compiled CSS on the editor and general bug fixes.


    • Enabled option for multiple config files for the build configuration.
    • Ability to use compiled CSS files for the _options.styles toolbar selector.
    • Added session timeout validations and alerts.


    • Fixed cursor focus when creating a new file in the file browser.
    • Fixed CSV parser breaking on content editor for _time fields with incorrect values.
    • Fixed country class not being added for some pages with Geolocation enabled.
    • Fixed a bug where an errored pre-build script would not fail the build.
    • Fixed spam filtering for form submission.