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  • Removing Dropbox

    28 Jun 2021

    This release removes Dropbox as an option for all sites. Dropbox connected sites were deprecated earlier this year and will cease syncing in the next 48 hours. Included in this release are a number fixes for a variety of workflows.


    • Sessions now expire in 2 days time
    • Resolved a few cases around DNS zone initialization
    • Keyboard shortcut to save is more reliable
    • Git connections are retained when changing OAuth accounts
    • Fixed a case where builds get stuck between build steps

    Future changes

    In an upcoming release, we will be adding the following ruby versions:

    • 2.4.10
    • 2.5.9
    • 2.6.7
    • 2.7.3
    • 3.0.1

    Our new default Ruby version will be 3.0.1. As we need to keep our build image updated we will be bumping sites across minor versions. We are dropping Ruby 2.3 which was end of life in 2018, and we will bump unsupported major versions to the next available version. Ruby versions can be set using rbenv. The following versions will be removed:

    • All 2.3 versions, sites will be bumped to use Ruby 2.4.10. Deprecated on CloudCannon since 2019.
    • 2.4.6
    • 2.5.5
    • 2.5.8
    • 2.6.2
    • 2.6.6
    • 2.7.1
    • 3.0.0

    We will also be upgrading our build image from Ubuntu 16 to Ubuntu 20 which is the latest LTS. We don’t anticipate any large issues with this update but if you have any concerns, please contact support.

  • General fixes

    22 Jun 2021

    This release fixes a few general issues across the app.


    • Fixed image upload resizing options not working
    • Fixed changing from a custom SSL certificate to an autogenerated one
    • Fixed permissions to configure hosting authentication
    • Fixed adding an existing image on client editor
  • General fixes

    16 Jun 2021

    This release resolves issues with invoices and the default toolbar for the markdown editor.


    • Fixed invoices with incorrect billing descriptions. This will not resolve old invoices. For any issues regarding old invoices please contact support
    • Added the image option back to the default markdown toolbar
  • Registration updates

    15 Jun 2021

    This release gives more context on new sign ups and fixes a few editor issues.


    • New register page
    • Less invasive start trial flow


    • Image front matter fixes
    • Publish page layout fixed
    • Now serving underscore files in Hosting
  • This release improves and consolidates the collection section and editor breadcrumb designs. The data editor has multiple performance improvements and some design updates. A number of other features and fixes are included.


    • Consolidated collection section and editor breadcrumb
    • Improved data editor
    • Sort and view preferences for lists persist indefinitely


    • Fixed potential locked state for builds
    • Underscores now allowed in CNAME records
    • Fixed scroll area for the data editor
    • Fixed billing issue facing some clients with multiple additionals
    • Fixed rich text editor not loading in certain configurations
    • Fix external images not loading for array structure modal previews
    • Fix input options not loading with some configurations using Jekyll defaults
  • Array structure improvements

    31 May 2021

    This release builds on our array structures, provides a feature to commit files from a build back to your Git repository, and removes Google Analytics from the app. A number of other features and fixes are also included.


    • Better previews in the data editor for array structure items
    • Array structures now support configuration definitions
    • Social icons in data editor inputs updated
    • Increased form submission rate limit
    • Fork template flow removed in favor of select template flow only
    • Removed Google Analytics
    • Commit file updates from a build back to your syncing provider


    • Array structure images now correctly sized in selection modal
    • Data files with _comments fixed
    • Added missing lines before content for files with hide_content enabled
    • Form submissions in inbox section correctly ordered newest to oldest
    • First authentication to a provider during site create flow now redirect correctly
    • Fixed a permission issue preventing technical editors from seeing build logs
    • Form submissions without _to or _hook now correctly recorded as errors
  • Improved onboarding process

    21 May 2021

    This release aims to improve the onboarding process for new users and new team members. Various bug fixes are also included.


    • Reduced numbers of steps in user onboarding process
    • Added option to revalidate expired email invitations without needing to re-invite team members


    • Fixed logo not loading on emails
    • Fixed an error when uploading new images on sites using custom source directory
  • General bug fixes

    20 May 2021

    This release fixes a number of small bugs. 


    • Improved App load time by reducing Javascript file sizes.


    • Fixed an issue with drafts not publishing
    • Fixed issue when selecting images already uploaded to the site
    • Fixed an issue with loading sites that haven’t being built in a while
    • Fixed link to live website on status page when using subpaths 
    • Fixed issue accessing source syncing settings for sites with an existing syncing error
  • General fixes

    16 May 2021

    This release includes a number of various fixes and performance optimizations.


    • Selecting overages now clearer through checkout
    • Adding a new seat on legacy plans show cost increase clearer


    • Reduce potential cases for multiple API requests triggering simultaneously
  • This release offers same-domain asset optimizations instead of CloudFront CDN. Read more about CloudCannon’s optimizations here.

    This release also updates Hugo within CloudCannon to the latest version and adds support for plugins that use libvips for image processing.


    • Same-domain asset optimizations.
    • Bumped Hugo version to 0.83.1_extended
    • Added support for libvips library
    • Added support for jekyll_picture_tag ~> 2.0
    • Team and site collaborator pages redesign
    • Improved performance when retrieving latest files to be served after a build is completed.
    • Added informative messaging around cache restrictions when sites are served via an external Cloudflare Proxy.


    • Fixed access permissions for editor level collaborators on a single site.