Lowered Bitbucket permissions

June 15, 2022

This release lowers the number of permissions that CloudCannon asks for when connecting to Bitbucket. CloudCannon users who signed up using Bitbucket will be asked to accept the new permission set when re-logging in. Other users who have connected their Bitbucket account to an organization will need to disconnect then reconnect this Bitbucket account.

We’ve also changed how we store git provider details, and released a couple of fixes related to syncing files.


  • Lowered the number of required permissions for Bitbucket
  • Standardized the git provider connection in the backend. You may be prompted to reconnect your git provider


  • Fixed an issue when cloning files with Git LFS enabled
  • Authentication for self-hosted GitLab should now automatically refresh

During this release we also caused some build delays. During this half an hour period, builds were not queuing correctly. This has all been resolved and sites impacted have been built.