GitLab hotfix

May 19, 2022

This release fixes an issue causing GitLab sites to become out of sync with their repository. We’re also proud to release our new Fiction Hugo template.

Also included in this release are a number of features and bug fixes.

A few hours before this release, we released a fix for a syncing issue. We have written a post-mortem of the incident.


  • A new Hugo template! Check out Fiction today.
  • Streamlined the Project creation process
  • Added support for a large number of new material icons
  • Headers can now be added to self-hosted GitLab
  • Updated the sign-up page
  • Can now set the timezone on date inputs


  • GitLab tokens are now correctly refreshed
  • Fixed configuration cascade for collections within data folders
  • Fixed the image browser opening in the wrong directory on Hugo sites
  • Fixed an issue with bookshop controls rendering incorrectly in the Visual Editor
  • Fixed the Content Editor sometimes getting stuck on ‘Finalizing changes’