Assets and Forms release

March 03, 2022

This release adds a variety of changes including two major improvements: Assets and Forms.

Assets is a new feature that allows you to connect to an external provider for asset storage and management. These external providers are often referred to as DAMs (Digital Asset Managers).

Forms is an existing feature in CloudCannon that received a major overhaul. Inboxes can be now be attached to multiple sites, important credentials are stored in the backend, and more targets have been added. For people who don’t use forms this means faster builds as the ‘Post Processing’ step is no longer needed.


  • New feature: Expanded asset management with DAMs
    • Support for Cloudinary, S3 and Tenovos DAMs
    • File pickers in the editor now use a two step select process
    • Added lock to prevent uploads directly to the site files
  • Feature overhaul: Robust forms with inboxes and targets
    • Added new forms implementation
    • Ability to attach the same inbox to multiple sites
    • Support for hCaptcha on Forms
    • New modal styles with better button positions
    • Inboxes default to the All tab
    • Better error message when a form is incorrectly configured


  • Allow content-type headers in routing.json
  • Replaced Uglify with esbuild for faster and more accurate JavaScript compression
  • Fixed HEAD request in the visual editor for Gatsby 4
  • Correct .wasm extensions to use application/wasm content-type (you can run Doom on CloudCannon)
  • No longer redirecting index.xml to /
  • Form sends correctly reflect if emails bounce
  • Emails are sent earlier for expiring credit cards

Both Assets and Forms are highly requested features. We have plans to build on these and we would love to hear your feedback and further requests. Please reach out to support with your feedback or if you need a hand.