Eleventy public beta 🎉

July 29, 2021

This release moves the Eleventy private beta into public beta, making it so everyone can build sites with 11ty. A number of other fixes and features are also included.


  • Eleventy public beta
  • Next.js and Gatsby SSGs coming soon
  • Increase minimum password length
  • New routing configuration file for redirects and headers
  • Hugo updated to 0.86.0
  • Additional collection configuration for Hugo sites
  • Add :collection placeholder for uploads_dir
  • Active builds now cancelled when build lock turned on


  • Prevent some cases where trailing slashes appended to URLs in error
  • Editors pop out sometimes positioned incorrectly
  • Rate limit for organization create API
  • Fixed potential 500 error when uploading a file
  • Layout issue for inbox
  • Saves in editor that change the URL now correctly redirect
  • Potential error for default add draft action to be incorrect with custom source and collections paths
  • Fix pasting into editable regions from Word/Google Docs
  • Fix multiple minor issues handling category post folders in Jekyll
  • Fix multiselect ordering selected values on load
  • Fix pasting from HTML source with comments persisting in source files
  • Fix edge case where build info could generate with null keys
  • Fix some issues displaying collections with Hugo sites
  • Fix edge case preventing sync when out of date
  • Hook scripts now run with source
  • Fix issue with undo going too far in some rich text configurations