Eleventy private beta 🎉

July 20, 2021

Included in this release are a number of features that give you even more control over your workflow in CloudCannon. This includes new build hooks, increased support for collection-level configuration, and CloudCannon instance values.

We’ve also included a number of bug fixes.


  • Support for 11ty is now in private beta. Contact support if you would like to take part.
  • Added new pre-install, pre-build and post-build hooks. These can be used to run shell scripts at the specified point in the process.
  • We have reworked collection-level configuration. This decouples the feature from Jekyll, allowing use on Hugo and 11ty sites.
  • New CloudCannon instance values. These can be used to uniquely identify newly created files from collection defaults, and items from array structures.
  • Improved the format of the build info used to generate the ui components in the app.


  • Hugo sites will now correctly append uploadsDir to the static directory
  • Fixed a bug with the color picker in the data editor
  • Fixed a case where failed build-output would be obscured by a command preview.
  • Fixed an issue with our legacy build compiler