YAML Comments

June 30, 2016

This release marks the much-awaited arrival of front matter comments in the Settings Panel. Scores of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes are also included.


  • Comments/notes for front matter in the Settings Panel
  • Download file option in the file context menu
  • Links to pages made in Visual Editor and Content Editor formatted as pretty URLs if possible
  • Blank option for select fields
  • Settings Panel and Toggle Settings button hidden if front matter is empty


  • Fragment/hash hrefs no longer navigate out of Visual Editor
  • The placeholder/input when creating new drafts and collection items starts in view when there are many files
  • Replacing images in the Content Editor no longer resizes the image to the size of the editor window
  • Syntax highlighting for YAML files includes .yaml extension
  • Hide context menu for files if only option is Open file
  • File context menu uses collection name in the Explore section
  • Remove rename and delete for data files in Explore section
  • Fix Posts showing up twice in Explore section with some Jekyll configurations
  • Fix add button label changing in front matter array interface on click in some configurations
  • SSL certs now applied to all subdomains
  • Fixed some edge case path rewriting when saving or publishing drafts/posts in subfolders
  • General style fixes