General Fixes and Speed Improvements

June 07, 2016

This release increases the speed of all file operations (saving, syncing and serving etc.) and resolves issues discovered via support.


  • Improved speed on all file operations
  • Storage provider icon replaces file browser icon when connected


  • HTML code within tilde code blocks are no longer escaped
  • Unauthorised GitHub accounts handled more gracefully
  • Updating the title or date on a post within a category folder will no longer remove the post from the category folder
  • i18n rewriting mailto and data URIs
  • Additional DNS empty form fields
  • Uploads are tagged with the correct author in GitHub
  • Consistent capitalisation on context menus
  • “Move to a new folder” replaces spaces with hyphens
  • File browser ordering broken when a folder starts with a -
  • File drag styles fixed
  • YAML editor with array as base child has “Add <singular>” instead of “Add Detail”
  • Hidden folders no longer appear after creating a new folder