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  • Extra credit card details

    01 Sep 2015

    This release contains a fix preventing some users from making payments.

    • Added extra credit card fields that some banks require
    • Disabled linter for unsupported file types
    • Fixed issue cancelling while creating collection item
    • Fixed Safari 9 issues on El Capitan preview
    • Fixed an issue with plan migration
    • Fixed spacing on sidebar header
    • General bug fixes
  • Today we introduce a new pricing model. This creates a better agency flow with less upgrade steps and white-labelling. You can read more about it in our pricing change announcement.

    CloudCannon will look very different. Everything from the login screens to the app layout has changed. Here is a complete list of the UI Changes

    • User navigation has its own routes and is available in a single sidebar. This gives you access to all settings in a single place and frees up the header for contextual controls.
    • Site navigations merged into a single sidebar. Labels are always visible which removes the need to remember which icon is which.
    • New icons site wide from Google Material Design.
    • New UI added to allow easier navigation to other pages within the visual editor.
    • Uploads have a new encoding without spaces or brackets. This solves some encoding issues when outputting to a page.
    • A new plans page within account settings which gives better visibility to your payment details
    • Currently shared to users show up in site sharing for easy resharing
    • Sharing interface tidied to allow faster updates to existing shares
    • Background images added to login and sidebar header
    • Better mobile styles in all sections of the app
    • Markdown editor handles files starting with an hr or an empty yaml header
    • Font changed from Roboto to Open Sans
    • General bug fixes
    • Liquid is no longer mangled by the markdown editor.
    • Seamless Bitbucket Connect login process.
    • Better Bitbucket disconnect behaviour.
  • Markdown Improvements

    14 Aug 2015
    • Improved Markdown output
    • Posts now sorted by dates correctly
    • Table output support in Markdown editor
  • Internationalisation needed an overhaul. The new Internationalisation uses 302 redirects instead of the transparent internal redirect that occured. The new implementation uses redirects and different paths for each language. If https://example.com/ is requested in NZ a 302 redirect will occur to https://example.com/en_nz/ and it will served the NZ locale. If https://example.com/es/ is requested the ES version will be served with no redirect as the locale is already defined in the path. Due to this change a default locale setting has been added which is available once a locale has been added to the _locale folder.

    On top of Internationalisation are the following fixes:

    • Link selector in the visual editor got a slight tidy up
    • Better mobile response for context buttons
    • Bug preventing share permissions changes when at full shares
    • The file browser retains your current folder allowing better use of the back button
    • Additional cache headers on optimised CDN assets
    • Better permalink detection for HTML visual editing
    • General bug fixes
  • Build Settings

    24 Jul 2015

    This release provides options to control your site build:

  • Authentication Overhaul

    20 Jul 2015

    This release has a complete overhaul of the site authentication. This includes:

    • User accounts allowing you to limit access to your site based on an email address
    • Authenticated routes allows you to have private sections of a site
    • Date/time front matter interfaces
    • Prototyping sites no longer require a password. Instead viewers will be presented with a splash screen before viewing the site.
    • Internationalisation language detection incorporates the country more effectively.
    • Disabled HTTP access on app.cloudcannon.com
    • Better date handling on draft posts. If a date is already defined when published it will maintain that date
    • Syncing with GitHub handles force pushes
    • General bug fixes