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  • Visual editor fixes

    15 Sep 2019

    This release patches a few issues.


    • Error when adding an embed to the visual editor
    • Error when uploading in Client Sharing
    • Better errors for conflicts on publishing
  • General Fixes

    04 Sep 2019

    This release solves a number of issues across the product.


    • Image upload not working in editor link modal
    • Editor links on <a> tags still follow the href
    • Invalid markdown produced with captioned tables in the markdown editor
    • Errors when trying to delete a site, or remove a domain from a site
    • A collections_dir and custom src dir makes select fields return an invalid string
    • Explore filter breaks in some cases
    • Select/multiselect inputs don’t use _singular_name for collection key
    • Removed “open link” on link popout in non-visual editor views
    • Incorrect dirty state prompt after publishing a post
    • Can’t add files to an empty site
    • Images won’t load in browser when opened from front matter image inputs
    • ‘Add Source’ button in Site Status menu does nothing
    • Design Tweak: Context menu should be slightly visible when not hovered
    • Fixed publish HTML draft flow
    • Creating an HTML collection item or post hangs forever
    • Site CSS can sometimes mess with the styling for Visual Editor controls
  • SSL and Cache Fixes

    30 Aug 2019

    This release contains multiple hot fixes for SSL and caching.


    • Redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS not working in some cases
    • Country code not included in edge cache
    • Pages require a hard refresh to get latest content
  • Visual Editing Updates

    29 Aug 2019

    This release fixes XSS issues visual editing and fixes with the status dropdown.


    • Better XSS security in visual editor
    • Safari visual editor loads styles better
    • Reduced 503 errors on hosting
    • Status dropdown view updating and output working
  • Combatting Spam

    20 Aug 2019

    This release combats spam emails sent through contact forms on your sites hosted on CloudCannon. The form data section has been improved and moved to a new section in the sidebar called “Inbox”.


    • Improved spam detection and prevention
    • Inbox section to manage form submission data and mark/unmark spam


    • Session cookie expiry issue resolved
  • This release patches a few minor issues.


    • Hosting reports are reporting again
    • Update sharing card in status page handles more team members
    • FTP output push working
    • Slight copy change on site build complete
  • GitLab

    01 Jul 2019

    This release introduces GitLab as a storage provider. Support is currently for only, not self hosted solutions. Similar to our other Git-based storage providers, you can sync your source and/or output with GitLab repositories, sign in with GitLab, and manage publishing with merges or merge requests.


    • support
    • Optional transparency slider for colour inputs with suffixes ending with “a”


    • Fixed some special characters in usernames from breaking FTP output connection
    • Better build logging
    • Prevented in-file _comments keys that correspond to select values from being cleared on save
  • Multisite domains

    24 Jun 2019

    This release adds the ability to serve more than one site under the same domain name.


    • Subpath can be defined when adding a domain
    • Domains page redesign


    • Emails are no longer obscured automatically
    • General design fixes
  • CommonMark Support

    15 Jun 2019

    This release adds support for the CommonMark processor. In addition, a number of edge cases for saving more complicated content to Markdown have been fixed.


    • CommonMark support
    • Select and multiselect inputs now work with posts


    • Various fixes when saving complex content into Markdown.
  • Contact form improvements

    07 Jun 2019

    This release extends our feature set for contact forms, you can now delete data manually or on a recurring schedule. A number of other smaller features and bug fixes are also included.


    • Contact form data delete button
    • Contact form data can now be automatically removed after a preset number of days per site
    • Pinterest YAML and front matter input
    • Removed Google+ inputs


    • Save button no longer incorrectly enabled on initial open in certain configurations
    • Ensure save button is enabled when changing externally linked image to a new uploaded image with no other changes
    • Prevent a cross domain referrer leak
    • Prevent a potential OAuth issue
    • Prevent potential password reset issue in combination with changing email address
    • Prevent potential XSS injection