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The Challenge

Xtendly is known for creating beautiful sites and providing marketing services to help small and medium businesses succeed online. They were using Wordpress to build sites for their customers but found the platform was holding them back.

They were limited by Wordpress because:

How CloudCannon helped

Xtendly now builds their client sites in a fraction of the time on CloudCannon. They now spend more time on their competitive advantage, beautiful design.

Clients are much happier on CloudCannon. Training clients to use CloudCannon takes minutes instead of an hour. Once they’re trained they actually update content themselves.

Xtendly developers ran through the CloudCannon getting started guide and were building client sites on the platform days later. Junior developers on their team are quickly onboarded. Now they only need to know HTML/CSS instead of PHP, MYSQL and Wordpress.

Custom small business websites used to take us two weeks to get live. With CloudCannon, we can spin up client sites in days.

Dennis Velasco

CloudCannon Features Used

Editable Regions

Clients update content themselves. They simply click on text to start writing content. Developers define the Editable Regions by adding class="editable" to elements in the HTML.

Editable Regions

Front Matter

Clients control all parts of the site including the site title and description. Developers set up the interface for making these changes by writing simple Front Matter.

Front Matter


Clients have their own blog and can easily add and manage posts. The Developers were able to quickly set up this interface by using Jekyll blogging.



Xtendly doesn’t need to spin up new servers. CloudCannon provides optimised hosting for Xtendly’s sites.



Xtendly gets sites online for their customers faster, giving them a big advantage over competitors. Clients love how easily they can update content.

Xtendly builds all their new sites on CloudCannon.

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