CloudCannon Case Study: Engine Yard

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The Challenge

Engine Yard is a pioneer in offering fantastic support and resources to the developer community. To cut development and maintenance time on their sites they needed a flexible yet lightweight platform.

Engine Yard developers chose Jekyll to build and This setup worked great for the developers. But when it came time for their non-technical marketing team to make content changes, there was a problem.

The developers tried teaching the marketing team to use GitHub so they could edit source code but it was too difficult. So instead, content changes were emailed to developers. This was slow, frustrating and time consuming for everyone involved.

How CloudCannon helped

Engine Yard partnered with CloudCannon to create a workflow that empowers the marketing team to update content themselves.

The developers work the way they always have and can continue using Engine Yard for hosting. With CloudCannon, content changes are almost entirely taken off the developers plate.

The marketing team can add content and try new messaging without the help of a developer.

With CloudCannon we actually have the people who should be updating the site and should be updating content actually using it.

Gerlando Piro
Web Producer

CloudCannon Features Used

GitHub Syncing

Developers work on the site on their local machine. Marketers update in CloudCannon. Everything stays in sync through GitHub.

All content/file changes are version controlled and can be rolled back at any time.

GitHub Syncing

Editable Regions

The marketing team can update the site themselves by clicking on text to start writing content.

Developers define the Editable Regions by adding class="editable" to elements in the HTML.

Editable Regions

Front Matter

Marketers control all parts of the site including the page title and event tracking.

Developers set up the interface for making these changes by writing simple Front Matter.

Front Matter


Engine Yard manages all their repeating content such as case studies, press releases and news using a blog.

The Developers were able to quickly set up this interface by using Jekyll blogging.


Staging Environment

Engine Yard uses CloudCannon as their staging environment. This has reduced the number of servers they need to maintain and simplified their deployment process.

Staging Environment

External Hosting

As an application hosting company, Engine Yard naturally wanted to use their own servers to host their sites.

With CloudCannon they could keep their existing build script which pulls in the source files from GitHub.

External Hosting


With CloudCannon, Engine Yard’s marketing team has full access to the content on their sites. Developers no longer make time consuming content changes. Engine Yard has also reduced the number of servers they’re using.

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