CloudCannon Case Study: Brandon Setter


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The Challenge

Brandon Setter is a freelance web designer who creates elegant, hand-crafted websites for his clients.

He was using Wordpress to build client sites. Wordpress could do everything Brandon needed, but he found there was so much overhead in setting it up and maintaining servers. It took him away from what he loved doing.

Brandon wanted a platform his clients loved and would reduce the amount of coding he was doing.

How CloudCannon helped

Brandon found CloudCannon and thought “Oh my goodness, this is the solution I’ve been dreaming about”. He now spends less time coding, gets sites live faster and no longer has to manage servers.

His workflow is more streamlined too. He develops sites on his local computer and syncs to CloudCannon using Dropbox. If a client site needs tweaking urgently, he can login to CloudCannon on any computer, anywhere in the world and quickly make updates using the online code editor.

Brandon’s clients gave CloudCannon the thumbs up. They found updating in CloudCannon easier and could update sections of the site they couldn’t before.

I actually enjoy my experience as a designer when I’m using CloudCannon. It’s simple, beautiful and makes me more efficient. Most of all, I’m pumped because my clients love using it.

Brandon Setter

CloudCannon Features Used

Dropbox Syncing

Brandon develops sites in Jekyll on his computer. The files sync to CloudCannon automatically through Dropbox.

When Brandon’s clients update content in CloudCannon, the changes push back to Dropbox.

Dropbox Syncing

Editable Regions

Clients update content themselves. They simply click on text to start writing content.

Brandon defines the Editable Regions by adding class="editable" to elements in the HTML.

Editable Regions

Front Matter

Clients control all parts of the site including the site title and description.

Brandon writes Front Matter to set up the interface for making these changes.

Front Matter


Brandon doesn’t worry about setting up servers anymore.

CloudCannon provides optimised hosting for Brandon’s sites.



Brandon gets sites online and updatable by clients faster than before. He doesn’t set up new servers and his clients are much happier.

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