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Mike Neumegen
06 May 2021 | 3 mins

Today, we’re announcing four new CloudCannon pricing plans. We’ve worked closely with many of our customers to shape these new plans and are excited to move away from per-user pricing. We believe (with confirmation from our customers) that these plans better reflect how businesses are using CloudCannon.

In this post, I want to walk you through what’s changing and the thought process behind it.

The old plans

Previously, we had four plans - Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The idea was that customers would start by testing CloudCannon on the free plan, then progress through the plans as their team grew and they were getting more value out of the platform. However, this hasn’t been reality the last five years:

  1. Our free plan was too restrictive - you were only allowed a single user on your account and all the production sites had a ‘splash’ screen making the plan pretty unusable.
  2. Billing based on users - we want our customers to share CloudCannon with their teammates without worrying about the cost. We’ve often seen customers share the same login information to achieve this.
  3. Our pricing plans weren’t scalable. Our customers were deriving more and more value from CloudCannon (which is great!). But our costs were also increasing to levels our old pricing plans couldn’t sustain.

CloudCannon has come a long way since our last pricing change in 2016. We’ve added features and functionality, improved performance, added support for Hugo, updated our UX/UI, and much more. But our pricing plans have stayed the same. We’ve spent the last 12 months trying to deeply understand who our customers are and learn about their goals and pain points. We hope that these new plans will add value to existing and new customers.

The new plans

We have four new pricing plans - Developer, Business, Agency, and Enterprise. We want CloudCannon to be a platform where everyone in a business can contribute to digital content. Our solution, unlimited users on all paid plans! The new plans also have generous bandwidth and custom domain allowances that should work for most customers.

We recognize the price points for these plans are significantly higher than our previous plans. The reality is that our old pricing plans were unsustainable, and our new plans reflect the true cost of running CloudCannon.

A usable free plan

The old free plan was so constrained it didn’t provide any value. The new Developer plan gets rid of these restrictions giving users full access to the CloudCannon platform. We’ve renamed it to the Developer Plan, removed the splash screen, included three users, and added an allocation of build time and bandwidth that will be sufficient for small projects. You can also pay for overages if you want more bandwidth, build time, or custom domains. We hope this plan provides more value to the CloudCannon community - we’re excited to see all the weird and wonderful projects people bring to it.

Agency plans

Freelancers and agencies make up a large portion of our customers and have provided invaluable feedback and support throughout the years. For agencies just entering the Jamstack world, the Developer and Business plans are a great fit to get started. For agencies that are more established with Jamstack, we offer two pricing models:

  1. The Agency plan - has a large allocation of custom domains and bandwidth to serve all your customers on a single plan.
  2. Reseller program - offer each of your customers their own CloudCannon account with a 30% discount.

For more details, check out Agencies.


Get custom bandwidth, build hours, and custom domain allowances on the Enterprise plan. You have access to all Business and Agency features + exclusive enterprise plan features: SAML/SSO, priority support (direct slack channel and phone number), uptime SLA, access to our service team for app customization and custom design/development work, priority feature requests, option for weekly check-in, and one-on-one training sessions.

For more details, check out Enterprise.

Any questions?

The new plans allow us to invest in our platform and continue to grow - we strongly believe we’ll be able to serve you even better going forward. If you have any questions, feedback, or want to discuss how this affects you, please get in touch at support@cloudcannon.com.

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