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  • Illustration of hand-drawn CloudCannon logo and stars in bubbles

    Looking for a TinaCMS or Tina Cloud alternative?


    22 November 2022

    CloudCannon is here to help if you’ve been seeking an alternative to TinaCMS or Tina Cloud for your Hugo, Eleventy, Jekyll, Gatsby, Next.js, NuxtJS, Astro, SvelteKit, or MkDocs static sites....

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  • Photo illustration of MkDocs logo and WYSIWYG editing

    How to set up WYSIWYG editing with MkDocs

    David Large

    14 April 2022

    MkDocs is a fantastic static site generator (SSG) for project documentation. It builds quickly, its documentation source files are written in Markdown, and its sites are configured with a single...

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  • Photo illustration of leaves with Bootstrap and Hugo logos

    How to convert a Bootstrap theme to a client-editable Hugo site


    23 March 2022

    Do you want to bring something fresh to your Hugo clients? Or perhaps you want to bring the speed and flexibility of Hugo to non-technical users? Look no further. We’ve...

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  • Photo illustration of Hugo logo

    Planning for your next Hugo project

    Bryce Wray

    25 February 2022

    There’s plenty to be said for stuff that just works, and the Hugo static site generator (SSG) is a perfect exemplar of that well-worn descriptor. When you’re building a new...

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  • Photo illustration of migrating birds

    Forestry to CloudCannon: The full migration guide

    Mike Neumegen

    12 February 2022

    As the Forestry CMS moves towards its sunset, many Hugo, 11ty, and Jekyll developers are looking for a new home for their Jamstack websites. CloudCannon is a Git-based CMS which...

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  • Making a Page Builder with CloudCannon

    Jordan Trbuhovic

    7 October 2021

    Page builders give editors an intuitive and easy way to manage and build websites. All editing can be done within CloudCannon’s Visual Editor in real time. Visual data previews are...

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  • blue lightning bolt illuminated in the night sky

    Bundling JavaScript for Jekyll

    Ryan Collins

    12 November 2020

    Optimising assets can significantly improve load times for visitors to your site. When you build a site on CloudCannon, any assets referenced in your HTML/CSS are automatically minified and served...

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  • Google sign displayed on top of an office building

    G Suite Authenticated Sites with CloudCannon and SAML

    George Phillips

    4 February 2020

    Internally at CloudCannon, we use G Suite to manage all of our emails. This allows us to work together on products like Google Drive and Google Meet. When a new...

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  • Tray of rings with gems in them.

    Private Jekyll themes with Gemfury

    Jordan Trbuhovic

    13 June 2019

    Jekyll themes allow styles and site structures to be reused across any number of sites. This eliminates the need to duplicate content, layouts, includes and assets across multiple sites. Themes...

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  • Top left corner of a computer screen with the GutHum homepage on it.

    Using Jekyll plugins on GitHub Pages

    Mike Neumegen

    9 May 2018

    GitHub Pages is a reliable, performant Jekyll hosting provider which has recently added support for SSL. It’s a great hosting platform but has a major limitation, you can’t use custom...

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  • red social media

    Lightweight Social Share Buttons

    Ross Phillips

    1 February 2017

    Social share buttons are commonplace on a range of websites. Many social networks provide embed code to build them quickly, however these solutions load a number of additional requests and...

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  • Hanging silver pendant of an anchor on a leather platted cord.

    Deploy Jekyll sites anywhere using jekyll-hook

    Mike Neumegen

    26 January 2016

    In the last tutorial, we used Travis CI to deploy a Jekyll site to Amazon S3. This tutorial covers using jekyll-hook to automatically deploy changes from GitHub/CloudCannon to your own...

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