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  • Photo illustration of CloudCannon logo superimposed on a whiteboard, with editing and webpage icons

    Looking for an alternative to Netlify CMS?


    17 December 2022

    If you’ve been looking for an alternative to Netlify CMS for your Hugo, Eleventy, Jekyll, Gatsby, Next.js, NuxtJS, Astro, SvelteKit, or MkDocs static sites, CloudCannon is here to help. CloudCannon...

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  • Illustration of hand-drawn CloudCannon logo and stars in bubbles

    Looking for a TinaCMS or Tina Cloud alternative?


    22 November 2022

    CloudCannon is here to help if you’ve been seeking an alternative to TinaCMS or Tina Cloud for your Hugo, Eleventy, Jekyll, Gatsby, Next.js, NuxtJS, Astro, SvelteKit, or MkDocs static sites....

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  • The best headless CMS for Hugo

    David Large

    5 May 2022

    You already know Hugo. It’s one of the most popular static site generators in the world, because of its optimized build speeds, built-in templates for SEO, analytics, commenting (and more!),...

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  • Photo illustration of nighttime car race, with Hugo, Bookshop and CloudCannon logos

    Stay in the race with Hugo, Bookshop, and CloudCannon’s Git-powered CMS

    Bryce Wray

    28 April 2022

    It’s tough to be competitive in the ever-changing world of web development. Trends, even fads, come and go. While an experienced web dev learns to know the difference between sound...

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  • Photo illustration showing order being created from chaos.

    Overcoming content chaos with Digital Asset Management

    David Large

    4 March 2022

    We’re happy to announce Digital Asset Management (DAM) support for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage buckets, and Cloudinary within CloudCannon for all users, and Tenovos support for users on our Enterprise...

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  • Photo illustration of migrating birds

    Forestry to CloudCannon: The full migration guide

    Mike Neumegen

    12 February 2022

    As the Forestry CMS moves towards its sunset, many Hugo, 11ty, and Jekyll developers are looking for a new home for their Jamstack websites. CloudCannon is a Git-based CMS which...

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  • Photo illustration of desktop with Hugo, CloudCannon, and Bookshop logos

    Live editing in Hugo with Bookshop

    Liam Bigelow

    11 February 2022

    Bookshop — our open-source page-building toolkit — now supports Hugo, as well as Jekyll and Eleventy. If you missed our Bookshop launch post in October last year, here’s a quick recap: Bookshop...

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  • Photo illustration of agency pitch meeting

    How to pitch a Jamstack website to your clients

    David Large

    3 February 2022

    So you’re pitching a Jamstack project uphill — to a prospective client, perhaps a manager, or an entire marketing team. What are they worried about? And how can you help...

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