Pricing Update & Organisation Support

by George Phillips

Blog | Announcements | Pricing Update & Organisation Support June 01, 2017

Today we are announcing a big improvement to the way teams use CloudCannon. We have updated our pricing to be more team friendly and a simpler structure to get you going faster. Additionally, we have added Organisations which allows greater team management, branding and data sharing.

Improved Team Pricing

Within CloudCannon we have a wide range of users; hobbyists, freelancers, agencies and large enterprise teams. We wanted a pricing structure that would enable individuals to large teams. Below are the plans available now:



Great for development

check Live test sites

check GitHub, Bitbucket and Dropbox syncing

lock_outlineSharing disabled

lock_outlineAuthentication disabled


$25/month $250/year

Perfect for freelancers

check Unlimited production sites

check Custom domains and DNS

check Per site sharing

check Free editing for clients


$75/month $750/year

For teams of any size

check 5 Team members included

check Organisation support

check Custom branding

check Team sharing

check SAML support

The old Agency and Enterprise plans have been merged into the new Pro plan. This plan is $75 and includes 5 team members. The cost of additional users on all plans has been reduced to $25 each. You can check out the new plans within your Account Settings or on our pricing page. All existing Agency and Enterprise customers have been migrated to the Pro plan. The Pro plan has all existing Enterprise features and organisations.

Organisation Support

Organisations adds a way of creating an account for your team. The account can be managed by different people with different permission levels. This gives you more control over the privileges and experience your team members have. Read more in the organisation team documentation.

CloudCannon team management interface

At the core of Organisations, we wanted you to be able to create a custom experience for your team. This starts with two assets; a badge and a sites list logo. Read more in the organisation branding documentation.

CloudCannon sites list branded with the Netflix Logo

Enterprise team management is often solved internally with a SAML Identity Provider (IdP). To make this easier we have added SAML support to Organisations. Connect CloudCannon to your IdP and we will automatically create accounts attached to your Organisation. Read more in the organisation SAML documentation.

To ease the transfer to Organisations we have added the ability to transfer sites between accounts. Transfers ensure all data related to a site is transferred to the new owner with a request and accept process. Read more in the transfers documentation.

What’s Next?

This is our largest release in 2017 so far, we plan to keep up this momentum and bring in some highly requested features soon. In the next few months we plan to improve our SSL offering, provide better support for large sites, and generally improve existing features. As always our feature development is driven by user feedback and usage statistics. If you need anything or just want a chat be sure to reach out to support.

TLDR; Better team pricing, organisations and transfer sites.

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