One platform for modern static sites

CloudCannon puts the editor’s experience first and foremost, with a fully featured visual editor that developers can easily configure for optimal performance. Content writers update content directly on the website, while developers maintain full control over the site’s codebase.

What could be more intuitive?

CMS — Manage your content



Visual editing

What you see is what you edit. Edit your live site in real time directly through CloudCannon’s intuitive interface. Content editors can focus on the content itself, exactly as it will appear on the live site.

Component page building

Empower content editors to build their own pages and content structures from a customized component library, all without needing developer assistance. 

Publishing workflows

Maximize output quality and efficiency by creating content workflows for team collaboration. Stay in full control of your content by testing on a staging site before publishing.

Ready-to-use templates

Access professionally designed templates to get you started on your next project quickly, and tweak them for your use case. Get a head start with multiple flexible options, all optimized for CloudCannon.

Go Headless

Need the flexibility of a headless CMS for non-web projects? Output your content in JSON from your static site generator and have the best of both worlds.

CI/CD — Improved integration and delivery



Git sync

With two-way Git syncing, developers and content editors will always be on the same page. All changes in your repository sync to CloudCannon’s Git-based CMS, which starts a new build. Content editors can work in the CMS without any understanding of the underlying source code. Content edits push back to your Git repository automatically. Staging and review processes are all handled inside CloudCannon.

Version control

Never lose content again. Git syncing is the ultimate backup, giving you an entire history of all code and content changes made on the site. If you ever need to, you can roll back at any time.

No lock-in

Don’t lock your content away in a database or depend on a third party. With CloudCannon, your content is only held in your Git repository. You will always own your data, which gives you the freedom to choose the hosting and editing platforms that are best for your needs.

Automated and scheduled builds

CloudCannon automatically builds your site every time a change is committed to your Git repository. Whether it’s from developers pushing code directly or editors making changes on CloudCannon, your build pipeline is ready to go. If you’d prefer, you can schedule builds to publish content at a specific time or at regular intervals.

Secure by design

All builds run in a locked-down, sandboxed environment, and receive free, automatic SSL certificates so your customers’ connections are always secure and encrypted. And you can rest easy when using authenticated API endpoints in your build by configuring private environment variables that only your build can see.

View your build in real time

Watch a live feed of your build so you can see what’s happening and spot issues as your site builds. You can also analyze your build history to investigate and optimize your build time.

CDN — Choose your hosting solution



Supercharge your website with optional hosting

Host your websites on one of the world’s fastest global CDNs and deliver your content at light speed without setting up a single server. With CloudCannon hosting, you can serve customers from a global network spanning over 200 cities.

Testing domains and automatic cache invalidation

Test live, without setting up a domain. All sites receive a unique domain name for your immediate use and testing on all devices. And when it’s time to publish, CloudCannon instantly invalidates your CDN cache.

Develop more efficiently with subpaths

Develop sites separately, then mount on the same domain later. For example, merge a standalone blog into /blog/.

Easy redirects

Add your redirects to a simple text file — no server configuration necessary!

Bring your own hosting

We’re nothing if not flexible. If you have existing hosting commitments or have found a great deal elsewhere on the web, CloudCannon works just as easily with any external hosting solution.

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